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Hair Design Program

Program Overview

The Academy of Excellence facility is designed to replicate a professional spa and salon. Students work on guests in a professional environment, giving them the tools and experiences to be able to walk straight out of our training into this exciting industry as a fully qualified Hair Stylist. Students are graded on both theory and practical. Theory consists of instructor- led classroom lectures, assigned projects and exams. Practical involves working on mannequins, classmates, models and guests. In the Hair Design Diploma Program, students will learn the theory, procedures and practices in the following subject areas:
Professional Development
Hair Design is the art and science of beauty care. Success as a professional Hair Stylist comes from your personal commitment to the development of healthy body and mind, effective communication and positive human relations.
Salon Ecology
A healthy and safe environment requires an understanding of infection control and how to sanitize tools and guest areas.
Learn the relaxing art of Scalp Massage with the use of essential oils. You will be more successful with the treatments you perform if you know the composition, structure and behavior of hair, how to evaluate it for product selection and how to properly drape and shampoo the guest. Guests may choose you specifically for the wonderful shampoo and massage you offer.
Design Decisions
You will be the professional that guests depend on to help them make important decisions about their hair, fashion and makeup. Your role as an image-maker will prove to be very rewarding for both you and your guest. Design decisions are based on the considerations you make about proportion, results and the guest consultation and your understanding of design composition.
As an artist uses paint to express artistic talents, a Hair Stylist uses hair colouring. Understanding colour, being able to identify the guest’s existing hair colour and knowing how to change it is a wonderful experience for both you and your guest. Learn Full Colour, Highlighting, Lowlighting, Ombre & Baylayage colour techniques to create dramatic and bold new looks for your guests.
Chemical Texturizing
Your study and practice of Chemical Texturizing gives you the ability to chemically alter the texture of hair, greatly expanding the treatments you are able to offer your guests. Chemical Relaxing and Curl Reforming provide major chemical changes for the hair that offer a guest new options for cuts and styles. With the wonders of chemical texturizing, no head of hair has to stay in its original condition.
Haircutting is one of the most valuable skills you can possess as a stylist. It will allow you to dramatically change a guest’s total look or offer subtle nuances to complement an existing image. You will learn the world renowned Pivot Point cutting techniques.
Hairstyling is the heart of your craft. The reward any artist feels at the moment of accomplishment can be yours when you finish an exciting and successful design for a guest. Learn Thermal Styling, Wet Styling, Long Hair Styling – pincurls, fingerwaves, roller sets, french rolls, round brush techniques, fish tail braids, faux hawks, updos, inverted braids.
Product Knowledge
Hair Stylists must know the finest products for hair. Learn with world renowned products lines such as Redken and Sexy Hair at the Academy of Excellence. Learn specific shampoo, conditioners, styling and finishing products.
Wigs & Hair Additions
After gaining knowledge and skill with wigs and hair additions, you will be prepared to meet the needs of guests who desire a variety of hairstyle changes but also of those in need of looking and feeling better following any kind of hair loss. Helping guests by offering a variety of Wig Styles, Hair Additions and Hair Extensions will assist them in looking and feeling better.
Advanced Cut & Colour
This is the opportunity to do a full Hair Design makeover. Learn to put all your skills together to create a full guest transformation.
Salon Business
Selecting the right salon environment for your employment will allow you to offer the best possible treatment and products to the guests you treat and will in turn allow you to feel proud of yourself and the profession you have chosen. Learn resume building and interviewing techniques. Build a Business Plan for your own Hair Salon. Learn how to get that all important first job, how to keep it, how to become a valued asset to both your guests and your salon team members. Learn to pull all these ideas together for your greatest personal, financial and professional good.
Note: Course offerings, schedules, tuition fees & faculty in this program outline are subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone classes due to inadequate enrollment.

Estimated Tuition Cost

Registration Fee: $250
– due at the time of registration
– reserves your place in class
– non-refundable

Tuition $17,000 +

Student Kit: 
– $1,700 Tools/Equipment
– $600.00 LAB System
– $100 AOE Smock & Apron

Student Fees: 
– $170 Processing Fee (1% of tuition)
– $10 Archiving Fee

Tuition Costs Subject to Change

Reanna Kylie Buchanan

Reanna Kylie Buchanan

“The Academy is a great school. I graduated in 2009 and I felt completely prepared to step into a real salon. I also found it quite simple to get a job after because of the great reputation the school has. The school is clean and uses top of the line product. I would recommend this school to anyone!”

Admission Requirements

• Applicants must be 19 years of age or have a Grade 12 Diploma or equivalent.
• Applicants are required to do an Admissions Interview with the Registrar.
• International Students Only will write English Comprehension Admissions Exam 70% to pass

The Academy is great… I would recommend this school to anyone!

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