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International Student Education

Hair Design Program for International Students

Esthetic/Spa Program for International Students

International Student Pre-Arrival and Quarantine Guide

Applying to Study in Canada


There are many important factors to consider when thinking of attending school in Canada. Some things you need to take into consideration when applying to our programs include: 

  • The cost to apply
  • Tuition and fees
  • Health insurance (The government of Canada does not pay for the medical costs of foreign students, please see below for more details) 
  • Rent and how much it will cost to live in Canada
  • Language testing
  • 4-month online component (see below)


Admissions Process

The following steps must be completed to enroll in our programs

Information Zoom Tour Appointment

At this appointment you will learn about the process of enrollment, review program specific information, discuss funding options, receive a virtual tour of the facilities, and have any outstanding questions answered.


Admissions Interview Appointment and Exam

The Admissions Interview will give us a chance to get to know you better and ask you some questions about your work history, prior education, etc. 

You will then complete a basic English comprehension exam. The passing grade is 70%. This exam will require an invigilator for the duration of the exam. All costs of an invigilator are to be paid by the prospective student. In the event you do not pass the exam, you will be given the opportunity to retake the test. Upon successfully passing the Admissions Interview Appointment and Exam, you will be sent a formal Letter of Acceptance. 

You need this letter to apply for a study permit. You should apply for your study permit at least one year in advance of your program start date. 

You can apply for a study permit online or by paper application. Please follow this link for instructions on how to apply using both methods. 

Application to Study in Canada, Study Permits


Registration Appointment

Once a student is accepted, the final step in enrolling is to read the Student Handbook and sign the Student Enrollment Contract. Students will be required to pay a $1000.00(CDN) registration fee when the contract is signed. This fee is non-refundable. More details regarding the Student Enrollment Contract and Student Handbook policies will be provided in advance of this appointment. 

NOTE: Students must pay the first half of their tuition plus all fees, at a minimum of 2 weeks prior to their arrival in Canada or prior to the start date of their program. Whichever is earliest.

If at any time, you have questions about the application process or need any assistance, please feel free to email admissions directly at [email protected].


Online Component Considerations


One very important consideration for attending the Academy of Excellence is that all programs, regardless of schedule, are entirely online during the first 4 months of delivery. This means that it is entirely possible for you to complete the majority of your online schooling from your home country if you choose. You will still be required to pay the registration fee, half of your tuition and all related fees, however you will not have to attend in person until the required date. This date will be provided well in advance of you signing the Student Enrollment Contract.


Health Insurance Considerations


All international students are required to have medical insurance for the entire duration of your studies in Canada. Without proof of medical insurance being submitted prior to your arrival, you will not be allowed to begin the program. International students with a study permit valid for a period of six or more months are required to apply for MSP (B.C.’s health-care coverage) as soon as they arrive in British Columbia. Through this application process, they will be enrolled and then invoiced for the new health fee. 

Before health-care coverage begins, there is a wait period consisting of the balance of the month that residency is established, plus two months. International students should carry private insurance until this wait period ends and provincial coverage begins.

Please follow this link for information about obtaining health insurance as a student in the province of British Columbia: Health Fee for International Students.

As well, you must also find out if you need an immigration medical exam to be completed to enter Canada.


All international students and co-arriving family members must refer to and comply with the school’s International Student Pre-Arrival and Quarantine Guide. The Academy of Excellence takes a zero-tolerance approach to any contraventions of quarantine rules set out in this guide, and any breaches of Canadian or British Columbian laws and regulations. 

Students must ensure that they arrive more than 2 weeks before their scheduled in-person learning so that they can complete their quarantine period, if required. Regardless of if a student must quarantine or not, this rule still applies. Making travel considerations and plans can be aided by the admissions office and through reading the International Student Pre-Arrival and Quarantine Guide. All detailed travel plans, and quarantine details must be submitted in advance and be approved by the school before any student will be allowed to attend the facilities and complete in-person learning. 


Helpful Resources


Please see the links below for answers to frequently asked questions about coming to Canada and to help familiarize yourself with the process of coming for study. 


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Travel checklist for requirements and exemptions

Important COVID-19 testing for travellers

Travel, testing, quarantine, and the border

ArriveCAN App

Information for unvaccinated travellers without symptoms of COVID-19 

How to get vaccinated once in British Columbia

Submit or update your COVID-19 immunization record

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