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Esthetic/Spa Therapy Program

Program Overview

The Academy of Excellence facility is designed to replicate a professional spa and salon. Students work on guests in a professional environment, giving them the tools and experiences to be able to walk straight out of our training into this exciting industry as a fully qualified Esthetician/Spa Therapist. Students are graded on both theory and practical. Theory consists of instructor- led classroom lectures, assigned projects and exams. Practical involves working on classmates, models and guests. In the Esthetics/Spa Therapy Diploma Program, students will learn the theory, procedures and practices in the following subject areas:
Professional Development
Esthetics & Spa Therapy is the art and science of beauty care. Success as a professional Esthetician/Spa Therapist comes from your personal commitment to the development of healthy body and mind, effective communication and positive human relations.
Skin Care Centre Ecology
A healthy and safe environment requires an understanding of infection control and how to sanitize tools and guest areas.
Study of Nails
Learn the structure, function and growth of the nail. Learn the beautiful French Manicure, Paraffin Manicure and Spa Manicure. Learn the French Pedicure, Paraffin Pedicure and the Spa Pedicure. Practice with professional brands such as OPI Polishes, Gehwol foot creams and Moor Mud.
Learn the art of enhancing the colour of the eyebrow and eyelashes.
Skin Physiology
The skin is amazing! It is the largest and perhaps most sensitive organ of the human body. It directs our bodily responses to everything with which we come into contact. It regulates body temperature. It protects, shielding the body from invasion of dangerous microorganisms. Knowledge of the structure, functions and conditions of the skin are the tools you need to recognize and treat different skin types and conditions.

Learn the beautiful 90 minute Facial… including massage, deep cleansing, masques, steam and hot towels. Practice with professional skin care lines such as Dermalogica Skin Care. The most requested Esthetic/Spa Therapy treatment is the Facial. Estheticians who master the facial and learn to help their guests maintain a sound home care regimen can expect more referrals and success.

You will develop a fundamental understanding of the effects of different types of electrical currents when applied to the skin during skin care services. Esthetics treatments that combine the power of electrotherapy with the skillful application of human touch produce amazing results.
Hair Removal
By learning modern hair removal procedures, you can offer specialized services to your guests and add value to your business. Practice using the all-natural organic Sugar of the Nile body sugaring products. Learn hair growth, structure and function.
As an Esthetician/Spa Therapist, knowledge of the human body and it’s functions is part of preparation for a career as a skin care specialist. Study the human body beginning with the simplicity of the single cell, progressing to the wondrous organization of each body system. Of particular importance to the esthetician will be the skeletal, muscular, circulatory and nervous systems. As your understanding of the human body increases, so will your ability to provide excellent Esthetic/Spa Therapy treatments.
Cosmetic Ingredients
Learn how and why products influence the skin. An understanding of cosmetic ingredients helps you choose appropriate guest treatment plans and recommend safe and effective skin care products. Learn about cosmetic chemistry so you can understand the skin’s properties, how it functions and how skin care and makeup products are formulated to deliver specific results. Knowledge of different ingredient types will help you understand skin care products and their purposes.
Makeup design offers you an opportunity to enhance your guest’s best features, minimize flaws and accent natural beauty. Understand colour theory, face shapes and features as they relate to makeup design and application. Practice with the world renowned Jane Iredale skin care makeup. Learn daytime and evening makeup looks plus exciting Lash Enhancements.
Spa Therapy
What sounds better than a day at the spa? The spa is a place where everything is dedicated to relaxing and taking care of guests. From the moment a guest enters the spa, the senses are stimulated: there is a relaxing fragrance in the air, the lighting, sounds and colours are soft and soothing. Treatments and therapies put guests into a state of total personal comfort. Most flourishing spas offer core services such as facials, manicures and pedicures. Learn how to go beyond these treatments and offer more advanced treatments such as body wraps, body scrubs, cellulite treatments and relaxation massage. The spa is a wonderful thing.
Note: Course offerings, schedules, tuition fees & faculty in this program outline are subject to change without notice. We also reserve the right to cancel or postpone classes due to inadequate enrollment.

Estimated Tuition Costs

Registration Fee: $250
– due at the time of registration
– reserves your place in class
– non-refundable

Tuition $17,000 +

Student Kit: 
– $1,700 Tools/Equipment
– $600.00 LAB System
– $100 AOE Smock & Apron

Student Fees: 
– $170 Processing Fee (1% of tuition)
– $10 Archiving Fee

Tuition Costs Subject to Change

Michelle Lynn Stewart

Michelle Lynn Stewart

“I’m from Nova Scotia and I went here for training and now live back in Nova Scotia, I must say it is by far the best training you can receive, my knowledge compared to others in the area seems to be more wide spread. I would highly recommend this school for training and services!”

Admission Requirements

• Applicants must be 19 years of age or have a Grade 12 Diploma or equivalent.
• Applicants are required to do an Admissions Interview with the Registrar.
• International Students Only will write English Comprehension Admissions Exam 70% to pass.

I would highly recommend this school for training and services!

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