Frequently Asked Questions


Should I tip and provide gratuities?

Cash Only Gratuities are graciously accepted and we always welcome feedback and comments on your experience.


Are children allowed at the Spa & Salon?

The Academy of Excellence is a place of relaxation and we ask that children accompany our guests only if they are having a treatment. Respectfully children aged 11 years or older are welcome to sit and wait in reception while you enjoy your treatments. All younger children left unattended will be provided free double shot espresso, bags of candy and a kitten 😉


Do I have to climb stairs?

The Academy of Excellence is a two level school and spa / salon. Some treatments and services will require the use of stairs. Please ask our team in advance if stairs are a concern when reserving your treatment.


What is the Academy of Excellence culture like?

We are down to earth, friendly and professional. We view our business not just as a business, but that each student becomes part of our family. Employees stay 12+ years. Students return to say hi. No stuffy corporate here. That is how we got to 50+ years and we’re not changing a thing! (here we come 100 year Anniversary 😉


How do I pick the right beauty and wellness program?

The best way to choose the right program is to simply “book a tour“, where you can get a first hand glimpse into what our salon and school is all about. Check out the beauty programs online to see our school offerings at Academy of Excellence.


What is the total cost of the program?

The cost of the program is dependent on the length of time and type of program you enroll.

Click here to view estimated tuition for the Hair Design Program.
Click here to view estimated tuition for the Esthetic/Spa Program.


How long are the programs?

The length of the programs go from 10 to 16 months.

View our detailed course schedule online. We offer three different study schedules for students to choose from, offering the most flexibility to fit with your personal life schedule.


Should I leave my dog in the car while getting a treatment?

No in warm temperatures cars can heat up very quickly. Read more here.

I made a number of calls and made sure I did my homework before signing up…Very impressed with their knowledge and professionalism!

Free Academy Tour

Choosing a school should be fun and informative! The first step is to schedule a tour to visit the campus and meet with our Registrar. Allow us to answer your questions, show you the campus, and see first-hand what it’s like to be an Academy student! If you feel the Academy of Excellence is a good fit, you can schedule an interview and proceed with the enrollment process.

Lets Make This Your Year! Let Us Get You All The Info You Need. Don't Sit On The Sidelines. We're Friendly And Love Helping. Book A Free Tour Of The Academy.

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